Building - Part 2

In my last post I talked about some of the decisions I made when building my site. In this post I'll talk about the architecture

Sunny Golovine

Feb 08, 2021

In my last post I talked about some of the decisions I made leading up to building my site. In this post I wanted to talk more about the architecture decisions that went into building

Getting Data

One decision I did not include in my last post was the decision not to use a CMS for managing content on the site. However, I also didn't want to have all my data in my code, I needed something in the middle.

My solution for now is to keep all website data, with the exception of blog posts, in JSON. The data is kept in the /data folder while blog posts are kept in the /posts folder. As far as getting the data to display on the site, I had several options. The simplest method was to use getStaticProps in my pages to grab JSON data from my /data folder. The problem is this solution just doesn't scale. I wanted a single API that I could route my data into and then plug into any component in the app. My solution to this was React Context.

For the longest time I never quite understood Context, I knew I had to dive into it eventually. So when the problem of getting data into my site presented itself, I found a perfect candidate for Context.

I currently use two Contexts: Site Context and Resume Context. With each context I import JSON files and combine the data into one object. From there I just use hte useContext hook to provide data wherever it's needed. I previously did this with Redux however for a unidirectional data flow, Redux is way to much overhead.

Optimizing Images

I never put much thought into image optimization. NextJS after all recently introduced next/image which automatically optimizes your images. I put it in and didn't think much of it until my builds started to fail. Digging into the issue, it turns out that next/image with it's default loader is not compatible with next export.

My solution here was to use another image optimization library called next-optimized-images. While the docs looked pretty scary at first, getting image optimization boiled down to adding a just a few lines of code to my Next configuration.

Sending Emails

If someone wants to reach out to discuss hiring me for something, I want to make it as easy as possible for that person to reach me. As such, having just a link to my email and LinkedIn profile wasn't enough, I needed "Send me a Message" component.

Luckily this problem couldn't be easier to solve using Netlify. Netlify gives you two options when it comes to solving this problem: Forms or Functions. Netlify forms lets users submit forms on your site and will be collected by Netlify.

While this solution seems the most straightforward, it came with two drawbacks. First, the setup in a React project isn't straightforward and requires some workarounds, having already done this on a previous project, I wasn't looking forward to it. Second, getting the message to Netlify was only one piece of the puzzle. I would then have to route that message to my inbox or check Netlify religiously for any new messages, not ideal.

The alternative to Forms is to use Functions. Netlify Functions lets you write serverless functions that you can trigger from your frontend. This is great if you don't need a full on API but you still need a backend. I ended up writing a basic mailer function using Sendgrid and then had the messages routed to my Inbox.

There are still some drawbacks here, on Sendgrid's default plan I'm limited to just 100 messages per day so if I ever start getting high amounts of traffic on my site, I may have to reconsider this approach.

Looking Forward

This site is still an active work in progress and there are still more things I want to implement. Namely a Dark Theme, SEO and Performance. My Lighthouse score is still >90% so there's a good bit of work to do.

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