Version Generator for JS Apps

Often times it's advantageous to have the current version of your application somewhere on the UI. This NodeJS script will generate a file with the current version from package.json and the latest commit, the place it in your public folder for your app to pickup.

Sunny Golovine



 * This script will generate a `version.json`
 * file that is placed in `public/version.json`
 * The file contains two keys:
 * - version - the latest version from package.json
 * - commit - the latest commit from git
const fs = require("fs/promises")
const path = require("path")
const { exec } = require("child_process")

// This script assumes that you will be running this
// Script as an NPM command from the root directory.
// If you plan to do something different, this line should be changed
const packageJsonPath = path.resolve(process.cwd(), "package.json")

// By default this script outputs to /public/version.json
// If your public directory is in another location. This line should be changed
// To reflect that new location.
const versionConfigPath = path.resolve(process.cwd(), "public", "version.json")

// This is the git command that is used to fetch the latest commit.
// You can put something different here so long as it returns just a
// Single string representing the commit.
const gitCommitCommand = "git rev-parse HEAD"

// Helper method to get the latest git commit
// This is so we can wrap it in a promise and use it
// Inside the main method as an async function.
async function fetchCommit() {
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    exec(gitCommitCommand, (err, stdout, stderr) => {
      if (err) {
        reject("An error occurred fetching the latest git commit")
      if (stderr) {
        reject("An error occurred fetching the latest git commit")

;(async () => {"Generating version")

  // Fetch package.json version
  const packageJsonFile = await fs.readFile(packageJsonPath, "utf-8")
  const parsedPackageJson = JSON.parse(packageJsonFile)`Found version: ${parsedPackageJson.version}`)

  // Fetch latest commit"Fetching latest commit")
  const latestCommit = await fetchCommit()`Found latest commit: ${latestCommit}`)

  // Write to config file
  const JSONData = JSON.stringify(
      version: parsedPackageJson.version,
      commit: latestCommit.replace("\n", ""),
  )`Writing to ${versionConfigPath}`)

  await fs.writeFile(versionConfigPath, JSONData)"Successfully wrote config file")

Bash Version:

A smaller script written in bash that accomplishes the same thing. This version outputs to a JS/TS file rather than JSON



# The script assumes that you will run it from the root folder
# where you package.json is located. To run from a different location
# Change this path.
PKG_VERSION=`node -p "require('./package.json').version"`
LATEST_COMMIT=`git rev-parse HEAD`

echo "Generating new version"

# By default this script writes your version to
# src/config/version.ts. Update this line if you want
# to change where this goes.
cat << EOF > ./src/config/version.ts
// This is an autogenerated file

export const PKG_VERSION = "$PKG_VERSION";

echo "Successfully wrote version to src/config/version.ts"
exit 0


Place this file in scripts/generate-version.js or another file in your project. Then add a script to package.json that executes the script:


"generate-version": "node ./scripts/generate-version.js",
"prebuild": "npm run generate-version",
"prestart": "npm run generate-version"

If you plan on using this in your UI, you should add two "pre" scripts, they should be named pre<YOUR_DEV_COMMAND> and pre<YOUR_BUILD_COMMAND>. This will ensure that a fresh file is generated every time you start the app in development or build the site. You can also safely add the file to your .gitignore as it will be added at buildtime. If you are using the bash version, make sure to run chmod +x on the file to make sure it is executable then create a similar script that points to it.


"generate-version": "./scripts/",

Copyright 2023, Sunny Golovine

Version: 1.2.0 (c4dfdf2)