Sunny Golovine

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About Me

I'm a software architect currently based in Denver, CO. I specialize in building full-stack applications in the cloud. When not working I like to get our and hike in Colorado as well as traveling around the US and the World, seeing places I've never seen before.

My Work

I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2017 with a BA in Computer Science. Since then I have worked as a frontend developer and now as a full-stack developer. My main focus is building full stack applications with the latest technologies avaliable. I currently work as a Software Engineering Manager at Ascendum Solutions.

My Favorite Technologies

A non-exhaustive list of technologies that I love to use.

ReactJS I've been using React for years and will continue using it for years to come. One of the most productive frontend frameworks for developing complex web applications.
ExpressJS An extremely useful tool with many applications. I most often use it for internal dev tools or for simple API's
Lambda / Serverless An extremely attractive option for quickly adding server side functionality. Very little overhead and lets you run server code without committing to any sort of capacity.
Vite A fantastic JS bundler that can handle web applications of just about any scale.
Prettier Lets me focus on code and not the formatting. Very simple tool that makes me much more productive.

Outside of Work

Whenever I'm not working, I try to get outside as much as possible. I'm an avid hiker and paddleboarder during the summer and an avid skiier during the winter months. I try to travel as much as possible, both within the United States and abroad when I get the time.

My Favorite Places in the World (so far)

Majorca, Spain The weather is just *chefs kiss*
Havana, Cuba For better or for worse, one of the most unique places on earth in my opinion.
Sedona, Arizona One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.
Amalfi, Italy Stayed in the hills of Amalfi for a few days and it's one of the most jaw dropping views I've ever seen.
Denver, Colorado Where I currently live and one of the best cities in America in my opinion.
San Diego, California Great weather, great city, one of the only places I would leave Denver for.